How To: Fried Onions

April 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Fried Onion

Much like caramelised onion, homemade fried onion can improve almost anything. Use it to fancy up your rice, instant ramen, soups, salads and lentil dishes. A million miles away from the dessicated fried onion you can buy from the grocery store (and without the guilt of palm oil, with which almost all those products are made), home fried onion is sweet, rich and immensely addictive.

You can use shallots, which are extra sweet and mild but expensive. So normal brown onions are fine too. Just make sure you slice them thinly. To stem the flow of onion-tears, it helps to have a sharp knife and to keep your onions in the fridge. Fry them in advance, as there’s really no need for the onion to be hot when you serve it, and frying is stressful when you’re trying to cook other things.

Makes half a cup (easily doubled, just make sure to use a larger-based saucepan).

2 shallots or 1 brown onion, finely sliced
1/4 cup canola oil

Place a few pieces of paper towel on a plate.

Pour oil into a small saucepan and heat over medium-high on stove. After a few minutes of heating, drop a piece of onion in to test the heat. You want it to sizzle gently, but not immediately change colour. Once you get to that heat, put all your onions into the pan. Stir and turn onion regularly with a slotted spoon or spatula. It will take a little longer than you would think to really change colour, but keep an eye on it, stirring regularly to ensure consistent heat around the pan. You will start to see a few pieces get golden, keep turning until everything is a light golden then remove all the onion with the slotted spoon onto the paper towel. It will keep cooking even as it is taken out of the oil, so make sure you don’t overcook it.

At this point, you can just put the onion aside for use later on. If you lightly salt it, it does become an incredible beer snack. You should probably just double the recipe.

You can keep any remaining oil in a jar or bowl (once cooled) to use later if you like. It will be perfectly good for your next stir fry.


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