Chin Chin, Melbourne CBD

October 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I took my mum to Chin Chin on a Wednesday night at 6 p.m and we got a seat at the kitchen bar immediately. I thought I’d start with that information, as people still seem to be obsessing about how long it takes them to get a table. It’s definitely easier to get a table for two than for four or more.

And I like the kitchen bar at Chin Chin, the kitchen being very much under control (as far as I could see) and therefore less noisy than being surrounded by other diners. Because Chin Chin is noisy. But what can one say about Chin Chin that hasn’t been said before? Not a lot, except that I like the fact that it really doesn’t cost all that much, when you consider that a mediocre Thai restaurant in my neighbourhood charges $20 for crappy pad thai. Compare that to the incredible barramundi and pork salad for $27 that Chin Chin offers. Seriously. Seriously. It’s worth it.

We also ate the much-loved kingfisher sashimi, which is a generous portion, although I do think they could just ditch the coconut milk and some of the lime bits altogether and it would be a fine dish. I ordered the corn fritters which come with excellent chili jam, and we had the beef ribs which absolutely fell off the bone and were incredibly rich, fortunately the richness cut through a little with a nice acidic nước chấm kind of sauce.

What I’m saying is, go to Chin Chin sometime, they may even be projecting Gangnam Style on the opposite wall (see above). Just accept that you might need to go for a drink elsewhere* for 45 minutes while you wait for a table. I don’t think that’s so bad, but then, I’m not paying for a babysitter.

*On that note, I don’t like the bar underneath Chin Chin, GoGo Bar. I don’t like its vibe. It seems to be made for the worst kind of southside-sceney customer. But hell, you might love it. You might be that kind of person.


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