B is for Budget Blues

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am on a budget almost always, as I have chosen to work part-time. But I am on a serious budget these days to save up for a new laptop (my current one can’t run google chrome because it’s too old… eventually I figure I’ll find it sitting at bus stops waiting for death).

This is why, ok, my recipes are not Very Fancy. But also, I kind of hate fancy food at home. I think truffle oil is mostly a wank (but truffles are not) and I think replacing effort with $150 worth of groceries at a dinner party is a lame move. Learn to cook instead!

Things I would like but can’t really justify are:

  • nice butter for baking
  • good salt, preferably a local one (rather than Maldon)
  • good aged parmesan
  • more olives
  • actually, pretty much all cheese and cured meats
  • Meredith Goats Cheese
  • proper sourdough, regularly Now that Crumbs is open I am willing to pay $5 for a good loaf a couple of times per week
  • more quality spirits (especially whisky and gin I have plenty of Tanqueray at home at the moment, duty free, hell yes)
  • nicer wine
  • and more drinks at The Everleigh, the most perfect cocktail bar in Melbourne, even if it is a little theme-y

We do have a coin jar for a nice dinner out, the last was Cumulus Inc, which was exceptional.

Any suggestions for what the next should be are very welcome.


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