Do Somethin’*

January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I like cooking and eating and I want to have something to show for the choice I’ve made to work part-time this year, rather than doing my current office job fulltime.

I cook a lot of vegetarian meals. I’m pleased when a meal turns out to be vegan. When I do cook meat, I want it to be excellent. I’m on a budget but most of my money is spent on food. Good cheese and wine are vital. I don’t really enjoy photography (you can tell). I like to bake cakes but often don’t want to eat them.

Footscray is my happy place. The best restaurant dish I’ve had thus far in Melbourne was the slow-cooked octopus at Cumulus Inc. I was disappointed by Garagistes (Hobart), but maybe it was just over-hyped by idiots.**

*Title inspired by Britney Spears, naturally.
** Except the bread, the bread was stupidly good.



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